poli sci and the dutch election results

Erik Voeten has a nice overview of the Dutch election results over at The Monkey Cage. For some additional social scientific analysis that might help frame a discussion of what comes next, check out the latest issue of the Annual Review of Political Science, if you have access to it. Strom, Muller, and Smith have a nice piece called “Parliamentary Control of Coalition Governments,” while Kalyvas and van Kersbergen offer a solid overview of “Christian Democracy.” The former profiles how preference divergence, uncertainty, and opportunism offer three central conditions maing the control of governing partners difficult in coalition governments, especially in PR systems. The latter has an interesting discussion of how the arrival of right-wing populism, lead by Pim Fortuyn, has affected Christian Democrats in the Netherlands (see p. 194).

In general, the Annual Reviews could be excellent resources for political journalists, but they do require a subscription.


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